Can you plz guide me to get a link for a very good Demo video on SharePoint 2013 development? I have downloaded a demo video from CriticalPathTraining but this is not a good one as it describes only slides but does not capture real visual studio development activity. I could not find a good one by myself. Plz share a link which shows exclusive 2013 development through visual studio.

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There is the Microsoft Developer site for SharePoint with a bunch of videos containing a decent amount of theory and practice.

SharePoint 2013 training for developers

PluralSight has a number of courses, including a 2013 developer ramp-up from Critical Path. Anything section you see prefixed with Demo at PluralSight will usually contain a demonstration of the theory learned in previous sections inside of Visual Studio. You can get a 10 day/200 minute trial to test their services out. At US$29 it's a very good deal. I believe that certain levels of MSDN subscription also come with some sort of voucher for PluralSight but I am not sure of the details. I have had a subscription for two years and cannot recommend it highly enough. It's an excellent resource.

They have a number of courses from SharePoint MVPs like Rob Windsor (@robwindsor), Sahil Malik (@sahilmalik), and Andrew Connell (@andrewconnell).

Other than that just doing a YouTube search for SharePoint 2013 development yielded results with demos using Visual Studio. But if you want quality training videos, you're going to have to go to a subscription site.

Here are some items I have found

Visual Studio 2012 Setup For SharePoint 2013 00:4:06 <= Likely where you should start.

Building Your First SharePoint 2013 App With VS 2012—SVNUG 1:34:00

Real-world Apps for SharePoint 2013 - Kudos (Part 1) 00:9:50

Real-world Apps for SharePoint 2013 - Kudos (Part 2) 00:6:31


Take a look at Sharepoint Server Virtual Labs One of the biggest problems I had when starting Sharepoint was setting up the development machine.These labs provide virtual machines with the whole setup so you can just start trying out the practice exercises.

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