I have a CSOM console app that uploads files to a library, then it creates a lookup field in another list and also adds lookups to the files in my library.

The following code adds a single item in the lookup:

FieldLookupValue flv = new FieldLookupValue() { LookupId = Convert.ToInt32(attachmentFile.Id) };
listItem["MyAttachments"] = flv;

How can i modify this to add multiple FieldLookupValue's?


Try the following:

Create a List of FieldLookupValue's

List<FieldLookupValue> lookupValues = new List<FieldLookupValue>();

Add a new FieldLookupValue for each file id

lookupValues.Add(new FieldLookupValue() { LookupId = Convert.ToInt32(attachmentFile.Id) });

When finished set the listItem to the List

listItem["MyAttachments"] = lookupValues;

Hope this works for you!

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  • Hi Tom, thanks so much for the assistance. That worked perfectly for me. So simple. Im embarassed i didnt see that solution myself. – Cobus de Witt Jun 26 '13 at 6:50

You can declare Property like below

public ICollection<FieldLookupValue> Brand { get; set; }

Below you can get set the Property :

ICollection<FieldLookupValue> ICustomerRequirementView.Brand
                //return it here`enter code here`
                //set it here
                //new List<FieldLookupValue> { new FieldLookupValue() { LookupId = 1 } }

//below u can set the value in ListItemCreationInformation object

ListItemCreationInformation listObj = new ListItemCreationInformation();
                ListItem item = ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("CustomerRequirement").AddItem(listObj);
                item["Brand"] = customerRequirement.Brand;
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  • Would you please explain your answer, How it can be used to solve the problem. It will be very useful for the readers. – Asad Refai Sep 22 '15 at 5:41

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