I am trying to get weekly start and end dates displayed automatically (as i am going to be pulling reports weekly, this will be helpful).

For example, if today was monday 6/24 - would like to pull the date automatically in the start date and end date as 6/28 for next week when i open my view it would display all data for week of 7/1 - 7/5 etc..


I am not exactly sure what you're asking but I think this will help

How to filter items in the current calendar month and week

This shows current/next/previous calendar month and weeks. Its seems a strange way around so read it carefully and try it - it really does work.

Depending on how you define a week (Mon>Sun, Sun > Sat etc) this may be helpful :-

Complete guide to filtering SharePoints lists by the current week


To filter a list to show the current week’s items or events, create two calculated columns with a data type of Date and Time (Date Only), and a view with filters based on the new columns.

I’ve included the formulas and view filters below. Visit my blog post on this topic for a more in-depth explanation and to view screenshots.

Column 1 Name:  Calc_WeekViewEnd
Column 1 Formula:  =[End Time]-WEEKDAY([End Time],2)+7

Column 2 Name:  Calc_WeekViewStart
Column 2 Formula:  =[Calc_WeekViewEnd]-7

View Name:  This Week
View Filters:  Calc_WeekViewStart is less than or equal to [Today], AND, Calc_WeekViewEnd is greater than or equal to [Today]

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