Given a path, e.g. http://sp2010/departments/, how can you get a list of site collections that are underneath it (which have been created through the central administration site)?

Basically want to build up a list of links on the 'departments' site, linking to all the sites underneath it (url wise, rather than as sub-sites created through the site), if possible, showing items from a list (named something like announcements, or news).

All the site collections involved are in the same same web application, so it should work getting the list via code (C#), which can then be put on the page as a web part (or editing the Master Page)?

Edit Expanding on this question a bit, since it is somewhat related, but can you do the same for listing site collections via PowerShell? This is to enable backups of all sites under that path as well.

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Iterate over the SPWebApplication.Sites property, checking the url of each site as you go. Maybe something like

var sites = webapp.Sites.Where(i=>i.url.StartsWith(webapp.url + "/departments/"));

If you want to get list items from a site collection use a SPDataQuery or CrossListQueryCache rather than iterating, as its much much faster.

Both would be rendered via a webpart (no way to do this via the masterpage).

  • Using Powershell you can use the Get-SPWebApplication | Get-SPSite snippet to iterate over the site collecitons
    – Dennis G
    Commented Nov 18, 2010 at 10:58

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