I have a default team site and want to create a new text file in it's document library programmatically.

SPList srcList = srcWeb.Lists["Documents"]

Returns a valid list. I can loop the listItems here,

foreach (SPListItem item in srcList.Items)

Get the File for each item and even the contents of each file.

However, even though I can get existing files, I cannot seem to create a new file in this list.

What I tried:

srcWeb.Folders["Documents"] - returns null

SPListItem destLI = srcWeb.Lists["Documents"].Items.Add(); - gives me a valid list item with a NULL .File. (Which I cannot initialize, since SPFile does not contructor).

srcWeb.Lists["Documents"].Folders.Add - I DO NOT want to create a new folder but simply add files to the root directory of the list.

POST technique (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms454491(v=office.14).aspx) I'd rather avoid this because I will add Metadata in the future. Any ideas?

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Finally, found it.

srcList.RootFolder.Files.Add was what I was looking for.

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