I'm having some trouble with a double-eval concatenation. I am using the formula xdMath:Eval(xdMath:Eval(xdXDocument:GetDOM("REST Vacation")/ns1:feed/ns1:entry, 'concat(//d:EmployeeID, ";")'),".."), and it is ALMOST working. The problem is that while I get the proper number of output values, they are all the first value of the list (i.e. if my list were { 15, 32, 46, 71, 42 }, I would get back "15;15;15;15;15;"). Has anyone had this problem? I think it has to do with the ".." in the outer eval() function, but I have tried things like "../.." and get no results at all. Any ideas?


Figured it out- just had to add a "." in front of //d:EmployeeID and it started working properly.


eval(eval(DisplayName, 'concat(.,"; ")'), "..")
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