Using SharePoint 2013,

I like to trace and log the queries that the SharePoint query engine is running. Essentially, I am looking for something similar SQL Profiler for SharePoint search.

I am aware of SharePoint Search analytic reports, However, I am not looking for an analytics roll-up style report. I am looking for a trace log.

Any help would be appreciated.


I'd say you have it in your usage report. In the usage report, you have all the goodies like

  • Number of Queries
  • Top Queries by Day
  • Top Queries by Month
  • Abandoned Queries by Day
  • Abandoned Queries by Month
  • No Result Queries by Day
  • No Result Queries by Month
  • Query Rule Usage by Day
  • Query Rule Usage by Month
  • I was aware of the reports. They are aggregation of the detail log that I am trying to find. I am looking for the trace of the queries, including date, time, user and the actual query. Maybe I am too much used to SQL Server Profiler and looking for the idea here in SP Search as well. – Allan Xu Jun 21 '13 at 12:59

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