When you create a new document set, you are presented with a modal dialog such as the following:

alt text

I want to have this kind of "New Form" (modal) for my custom content type (with custom form).

Now, I know that I can create my own modal dialogs using the Javascript API (e.g. http://www.chakkaradeep.com/post/Using-the-SharePoint-2010-Modal-Dialog.aspx). Also there is the NewFormUrl property for a content type, where I can redirect the user upon creating a new item from my content type ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/microsoft.sharepoint.spcontenttype.newformurl.aspx) - this is not the same, because I think it is nicer to stay on the same page.

I still don't know how I would get Javascript to fire upon creating a new item from my content type, so I could call the modal dialog api. What I basically want is this:

New > MyContentType > User is presented with a form as in the Screenshot above > User enters some metadata > Item based on MyContentType is created with metadata entered by user.

Also when creating my own content type new form, would I need to recreate everything Microsoft has done so nicely for the Document Set (i.e. Save Button, Check-In, Copy/Paste)?

EDIT: And then there is that: How to Open a List Form in a Modal Dialog Box

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You should not have to worry about how the dialog launches, it should happen seamlessly from the ribbon new button no matter the content type. I would check two things:

  1. Is the site operating with v4 (sp2010) visual styles?

  2. Is the list configured to show forms in a dialog.

List Settings -> Advanced -> Dialogs -> Launch forms in a dialog? -> Yes

The list forms, NewForm.aspx, DispForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx are all full pages with master page wrappers and everything. SharePoint 2010 magic happens when "Launch forms in a dialog?" is turned on, and only the content of the form is displayed in the dialog.


try this

New Item:

javascript:EditItem2(event,"/_layouts/listform.aspx?ListId={YOUR_LIST_ID} &RootFolder=YOUR_ROOT_FOLDER &ContentTypeId=ITEM_CONTENTTYPE_ID");

but check this out http://tuan-tomy.blogspot.com/2010/09/redirect-to-link-to-new-item-with.html

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