Am a sharepoint newbie. Couldn't find a post that addresses my questions. If this is a duplicate please point me to an existing question.

I have to implement a simple document upload integration from existing asp.net mvc 2 site to a sharepoint site for one our clients.

At this point am not sure what version of Sharepoint client uses (2010/2007).

Couple of questions in this regard:

1) For 2010: I have tried to understand the licensing of Sharepoint Client Model Redistributable and could not understand if I can just provide Microsoft.SharePoint.Client/Runtime.dll along with my web application package or should I have to install the reditributable package on client's server?

2) For 2007: I think I can use WSS 3.0 to access Sharepoint Web Services (I could be totally wrong and haven't even tried this yet). If that's the case, can I just distribute the dll's along with my web application package (if that's feasible)?


Found this SO post for my first question: SharePoint Client Object Model Assembly Distribution


@bsimser was kind enough to shed some light on the questions I had and the @jabbr chat is @ https://jabbr.net/#/rooms/sharepoint , will keep this question open any possible inputs from other experts.

  • Do not leave this hanging. If you have answers (even just one liners) post them here. These links posted here can/will go stale over time and others that come across this page will be forever left without an answer.
    – James Love
    Commented Jun 23, 2013 at 20:53

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Why not just open the unc path to the document library and save the file. You would not need any Sharepoint Client object.


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