I am new to SharePoint 2013. I have create a visual web part in vs 2013. I have deployed and try to add the .webpart to my SharePoint 2013 team site. When I try to add the .webpart then I am getting the below error:-


Please help me in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.

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This happened to me whilst I was trying to debug my WebPart from Visual Studio, always after the 'first' debug session it failed to re-load and thus, threw $Resources:core,ImportErrorMessage; when launching the 2nd debug session.

Finally I found what worked for me was:

Visual Studio -> Build -> Select 'Retract'

Upon doing so, I was able to Clean the solution, re-deploy and then finally start debugging as normal.

I know it's quite a small thing, but other resources on the web was also suggesting to:

  • Add Guid Attribute to the WebPart (To make sure there's no mis-match)
  • Rename the WebPart to .wsp
  • Restart Visual Studio and the debugging browser all together (With Admin rights too!)

I have faced this issue when trying to add my custom webpart to the page. There was no error reported in deployment of wsp as well .

What i did ? I removed the existing wsp and redeployed it again with wsp from my rebuilt vs2010 solution .

Though the issue was resolved i am not sure why this happened as i couldn't investigate further.

  • I have same problem in sharepoint 2013. Problem was in Project targer framework. just recreate VS project in .NET framework 4.0 help's me to solve that
    – user41250
    Commented Apr 9, 2015 at 7:53

I made a mistake .webpart for WebPart property initialization BadString

Resolved the error by changing BadString to a number: 8


My solution was changing the propertys of my project:

Sandboxed Solution from true to false

Include Assembly In Package from false to true

When I created my project I selected the false propertys. In my first test WebPart I did it correctly so I could figure out my problem.


On the project you just need to set "Include Assembly In Package" to "True"

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