Hello I created a form in infopath and when i go to load it up via sharepoints front end I get this error message

"A query to retrieve form data cannot be completed because this action would violate cross-domain restrictions. "

Now contrary to what it says, Cross domain is enabled for infopath and I have already saved the connection as a udc file on the data connection library in sharepoint and have tried many different solutions I found online to no avail. Please help.

  • I also have the same issue and going into CA and Allowing cross-domain data access did not work for me. I'm trying to Attach to the UserProfile Service so my InfoPath form pulls back the username of the individual accessing the form. I have tried all of the above and have returned no positive results.
    – user19322
    Commented Sep 4, 2013 at 17:18

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I believe that this has already been answered: InfoPath Form and Web Service (would violate cross-domain restrictions) Are you using Office 365?

Also take a look at this article. It discusses a solution for this issue (in a SharePoint install, not office 365):

Fix: Update the InfoPath Form Services settings in Central Admin Central Admin –> General Application Settings –> Configure InfoPath Form Services Cross-Domain Access for User Form Templates


  • I've enabled Cross domain access before and I have already tried using udcx files in a connection library. I tried following the post and tutorials on code signing and full trust but those options arent available for me for whatever reason.
    – Tempholder
    Commented Jun 21, 2013 at 18:33

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