I have a big problem with a SPD Workflow. I created a workflow, based on the "Collect Feedback" workflow. After i published it, i can use it as i want to on my environment. So i created a wsp file out of my workflow and deployed it on our test environment. So far so good. On this environment it works fine, also. So i deployed the same solution on our operating system. And here comes the problem:

I create tasks and approve it. In the workflow history the log says that the task is approved. But the task item status is still "not started". So i tried to get the task item via Powershell. When i try to update the item i get the following error:

"This task is currently locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited” 

But there is no other workflow that can lock the task item. 

An additional Information is: I added one additional Field to the task item via SPD. And i edited the task form via Infopath so that the initial due date field also accept the current date as its value. 

The problem must come from the environment, because the solution is working on two other environments.  Any ideas?

I would appreciate your help.

P.s. Sorry for my english. I hope, all translations are correct. I'm using a german environment, so the errormessages are german, too :s

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