If I need to "search" list data using a wildcard, I have to modify the XSL code. A step-by-step instruction for doing it in SP2007 has been provided at Can I Filter a List/Data View using Contains instead of equals in SP2010? (in a link-only answer to Phil Wicklund's old blog).

I just tried to implement Phil's tips and got to point 3 of his instructions, where I got stuck.
All the previous steps could be applied to SP2010 with minor changes from the SP2007 version he refers to, but starting from this one I could not adapt Phil's tips for 2010 version:

  1. Lastly we need to edit the rows query that the Data View uses. In the Code view, search for name="Rows". Notice the select on that variable contains a query – this is what we need to modify. By default it brings back all rows, but we need filter out the rows that do not match our search term.

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What you can do is add hidden calculated fields to the list that helps you out with the searching and filtering.

Reference: http://blog.pentalogic.net/2011/09/how-to-create-a-sharepoint-does-not-begin-with-filtered-list-view/

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