I am using SharePoint 2010 Online (Office 365). I have created a form in InfoPath for an external list.

You see some fields and a submit button.

When I press on the submit button everything is working fine (a new list item is created), but the page is not going automatically to the previous page.

How can I do this?

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You can pass a user to another page by adding &Source=http://somewhere.com to the end of the URL that opens up the form.

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By Default when you are on a view and you create new or edit an existing form item you will be returned to the same view you were on to start with.


Starting on "My View"

Create New Form Item > Save

Returns to "My View"

The way to change this is to add the Source parameter to the URL before users enter the form.

Add ?source=<URL> to the end of your address. In the example below I used the 'new form' page of my list. Also a side note if there are ever multiple url parameters the first one starts with a "?" mark and the rest are separated with "&". Example: urlwhatever.aspx?parameter1&parameter2&parameter3

Example: https://sharepointURL/list/newform.aspx?source=http://sharepointURL/list/MyView.aspx

or: https://sharepointURL/list/newifs.aspx?source=http://sharepointURL/list/MyView.aspx

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