If I pass in the name of a list is it possible to get the GUID id of that list and return it? I know you can get it on creation of the list, but I am assuming the list is already created.

Assuming i have the name test for a list can I pass test into a function that then returns me the Guid id of that list for use in other aspects?

  • What about using vba (Excel 2010)? Is it possible?
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The name of the list is meaningless as there can be lists by the same name all over a site. You would need the Url to the list in order to be able to resolve it to a Guid. However, the mechanics of this vary wildly depending on what you mean by "programmatically". In PowerShell it would be something like this and the server object model would be similar.

    $site = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite]($UrlTolist)
    $web = $site.OpenWeb()
    $list = $web.GetList($UrlToList)

Getting the ID via Web Services or the client object model would be completely different.


in the Server object model you can use.

SPList list = SPWeb.Lists.TryGetList("YOurListName");

then you would already have the SPList the you can get the guid by using the ID property of the SPList


Using Server Object Model

Guid listGuid = spweb.Lists["ListName"].ID;

If you have the List name I assume u must have the Url of the List as well and you could use it as below:

web.GetListFromUrl("your list url").ID;

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