I have a custom Web Part that displays information in an ASP.NET ListView. Upon clicking an item, I need to pop up an InfoPath form via AJAX to edit the item without leaving the page.

The functionality I am going for is the same as if you click "Edit" on an item in a SharePoint List. The background fades out and the InfoPath form is shown as a modal pop-up. I know how to achieve the background fading, but I am running into a dead end with trying to host an InfoPath form outside of the standard InfoPath web part.

Does anyone have any experience with hosting an IP form without using the pre-made webpart (or XmlFormView, which seems to just be another web part), or know where any information can be found?


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You could have an iframe which loads the FormService.aspx file pointing to your form, with the relavent querystring parms to display the form in the browser.


Could you accomplish the functionality that you need using a DVWP and enabling the inline edit functionality?

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