I want to take a site collection (backup) from Foundation/Standard 2013 (ServicePack1) and restore this site collection to Server/Enterprise 2013 (ServicePack1).

The backup(.bak) file is created successfully. But there's this message while trying to restore:

(<)nativehr> 0x80070003 (<)/nativehr>(<)nativestack>(<)/nativestack>

Before the update to ServicePack1 it worked.

  • ContentDB is SharePoint2013 ready
  • I ran Configuration Wizard several times at both systems

Is there any solution OR is backup/restore from a site collection not possible with SP1 under different SharePointVersions (free vs. cost)?

SharePointVersions 15..something.. on both Systems

Best Regards!

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The Problem might be the different Versions of SharePoint. They must be exactly the same!

To check the version of your SharePoint farm, navigate to


Or using PowerShell:

  • Can you please add some details about how to check this? It will make your answer much more helpful :) Commented Mar 5, 2014 at 8:05

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