I have a Business Data Related List called Projects. It is connected to a Business Data Item, so it has the option to select an item (the two-way arrow next to an Item). From this List I need to pass on click the selected value (Project Name) to a Filter web part which will automatically send filter values to a Document Library, called Project Documents. The Filter can not be connected to the List as there is no List name in it's Connections > Get Default Value From option. The List, Filter and Library are all on the same page.

I suppose the best way to do this is with a JavaScript / JQuery, maybe SPServices even, but I do not know how. Any thoughts are more than welcome.

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The connected web parts should still work. Have you tried selecting an alternate column first? The reason you don't see the option is because there is a data type mismatch. If you select something of the same or a compatible data type, it should let you connect the web parts. I think Project Name could be the "field with edit menu" type, you might try the one with no "special" behavior -- just plain text field. Now because this is a Business Data web part it might be harder to get the right field, but you may be able to change the BCS metadata to produce a "plain" column for you to filter with. You could use the javascript approach, but connecting web parts is the easiest when all of them are on the same page.

  • Hi Brian, thanks, I did some research on connected web parts after reading your answer, but still have not found a way to connect the list to the filter, with respect to the column type. It would be great if I could connect the List to the Document Library directly following your advice. Will continue to test, and your answer is useful.
    – dzookatz
    Commented Jun 4, 2013 at 14:45

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