I'm trying to configure my SSL certificate for my SharePoint site. I'm using this site : Link I'm stuck on step 2 I can't seem to find manage compute certificate anywhere on the server. Where can I find this?

Open command prompt and run certmgr.msc Now it doesn't show the SharePoint node like explaind in the tutorial. How can I add the SharePoint folder as default?

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You have to open the Manage Computer Certificates which is certlm.msc (and not certmgr.msc). There youll find the SharePoint node.

I'm running Windows Server 2012.

Screenshots for demonstration. Screenshot for demonstration

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    Typically SSL certs go in Personal under Local Computer. SharePoint is for the SharePoint cert trust and not IIS SSL certs.
    – user6024
    Commented Nov 2, 2013 at 16:26

For those like me who can't find certlm.msc on their Windows 2008 R2 server :

  1. Execute mmc.exe
  2. Click on file > Add/Delete
  3. Choose the "certificate" and click on "Add"
  4. Then select the "A computer account"

And you are done, you can see all nodes of the Local Machine certificates.

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