I want to create a custom List programmatically from scratch:

  1. First I add:

    Guid listID = web.Lists.Add(title, description, SPListTemplateType.GenericList);
    list = web.Lists[listID];
  2. Then I want to create custom Fields specific to that List.

    I look at the constructors for SPField, and what do I see?

    public SPField(
        SPFieldCollection fields,
        string fieldName

    It's already awkward to know that I need to specify which SPFieldCollection will my SPField be in. Nevertheless I try the obvious way:

    SPFieldCollection fieldCollection = list.Fields;
    SPField newField = new SPField(fieldCollection, "Name");

And guess what happens then? An error occurs: Field with name "Name" was not found.

So basically if I want to create a Field, I need to have SPFieldCollection which will have such Field already within?!

So I'm asking: Is it actually possible to create (instantiate) SPField? (Apart from the AddFieldAsXml method)

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There is another way to create a field without using AddFieldAsXml.

SPList lst = oSPWeb.Lists["EmpList"];
 /* create a Text field for Name */
 SPFieldText fldName = (SPFieldText)lst.Fields.CreateNewField(
                        SPFieldType.Text.ToString(), "Name");
 fldName.Required = true;
 fldName.MaxLength = 50;
/* add the new fields to the list */

Add Columns / Fields Programmatically to a SharePoint List

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