I want a caml query that only retrieves items created by the user currently logged in. I tried this

specifier = "<Eq><FieldRef Name='AssignedTo'/><Value Type='Integer'><UserID/></Value></Eq>";
camlquerystring = "<View><Query><Where>" + specifier + "</Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Modified' Ascending='FALSE' /></OrderBy></Query></View>"; 

However I am not getting any items. I should be getting a lot of items...

Does anyone know the right way to do this?



AssignedTo should be replaced with Author and you should then see all your items.

  • I tried that, but I am still getting 0 items back. – omega May 30 '13 at 13:07
  • Nevermind, this worked, I just had another issue. – omega May 30 '13 at 13:58
SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
query.Query = @"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='Author' LookupId='TRUE' /><Value Type='Integer'>" + _id + @"</Value></Eq></Where><OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Created' Ascending='False' /></OrderBy>";

where _id is user's ID.


Simpler CAML - items created by current user

query.Query = @"<Where>
                    <FieldRef Name='Author' />
                    <Value Type='User'><UserID/></Value>

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