Hello i have got a problem with making a CAML Query by the string which contains sign "&".

I have Got a "L&M" firm and when I choose it on DropDownList it make me error:

enter image description here

How to use this signs ?

Here is my Code:

   string kontraktNazwa = "<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='{0}' /><Value Type='Text'>{1}</Value></Eq></Where>";
            var kontraktyWylistowanie = new SPQuery();
            kontraktyWylistowanie.Query = String.Format(kontraktNazwa, "Nr_Encji", DropDownList4.SelectedItem.Text.ToString());
            kontraktyWylistowanie.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name='Nr_Encji' /><FieldRef Name='Nazwa_Encji' /><FieldRef Name='Klient' /><FieldRef Name='StatusQS' /><FieldRef Name='Stan' />";
            kontraktyWylistowanie.ViewFieldsOnly = true;
            SPListItemCollection kontraktySzczegoly = witryna.Lists["Zespolyv2"].GetItems(kontraktyWylistowanie);
            foreach (SPListItem okontraktySzczegoly in kontraktySzczegoly)
                Label5.Text = okontraktySzczegoly["Nazwa_Encji"].ToString();
                Label6.Text = okontraktySzczegoly["Klient"].ToString();
                Label7.Text = okontraktySzczegoly["StatusQS"].ToString();
                Label14.Text = okontraktySzczegoly["Stan"].ToString();

And If it's comming to DropDownList4.SelectedItem.Text.ToString() it's put me error:

Error in Entity Name Line 1 Position 90.


Use HttpUtility.HtmlEncode on the value received from the drop down.


var encodedDropDownValue = HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(DropDownList4.SelectedItem.Text.ToString())

this will encode your special characters to a format that you can add to your CAML query


You need to replace L&M with L&amp;M

One way to do this is to use HttpUtility.HtmlEncode

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