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Infopath. In my infopath form. I want to show the teamName as "team 1" value but it is displaying "1" number instead of "team 1". The TeamName is a lookup column in the ProjectList.

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  • I am also facing similar issue where i am unable to pull value. I have changed the value Field from ID to value but still doesnt work. – user25616 May 6 '14 at 13:10

I you are using a SharePoint list which has a column as a lookup column which then looks up another list, Ensure this column is Pulling the "Title" not the ID.


This link may help you guys.. http://sharepointsolutions.com/sharepoint-help/blog/2011/11/get-infopath-to-display-lookup-column-value-not-id/

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    Please add a summary of the solution to your answer. Link only answers are not helpful forever, as links tend to break over time. – Phil Greer Sep 25 '14 at 16:43

Value should be TeamID and name should be TeamName. It works like normal asp dropdown where you specify id as datavaluefield and text as datatextfield.

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