When I view my site content and go to the pages library ( Enterprise wiki template ) I can add a new Enterprise wiki page from the ribbon ( select new than enterprise wiki page ). It redirect me to a page where I can fill in the title and URL of the new page. After I press create I get redirected to a blank page instead of my newly created page. If i return to the page library I see the page is created but I wonder why I get redirected to that blank page. In the URL it doesn't state about:blank but a long URL like this :

  • Did you out anything new about this error? I'm running into the exact same problem.
    – joweiser
    Commented Aug 23, 2013 at 12:04

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I had the same issue on a Publishing Page Libary. I set the toolbar to No Toolbar on the AllItems.aspx page. Removing the toolbar causes the page to stop processing. Browse to the AllItems.aspx page and edit the page > edit web part > check tool bar type. Set to Full Toolbar and save.

This should resolve the issue.

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