Hi i developed a site column, custom content type and a list definition. I set the value for this column and started crawling but i don't find these properties in search schema. If i add this column manually in a library and start crawling, these properties are showed. What 's the difference?


I think it should work as you described - the following steps are needed, maybe you can try again:

  • To be picked up, the new items must be crawled. If you’re not using Continuous crawling, this will be limited to when your incremental crawls run.
  • The column must be a site column!
  • To be picked up, crawled properties MUST have a value.
  • To be applied to items already existing in the index, a full crawl will be required still.
  • http://www.myfatblog.co.uk/index.php/2012/12/automagic-managed-properties-in-sharepoint-2013-search/

    Or Technet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj613136.aspx

    Btw, I would not recommend you the automatically approach, you loose a lot IMHO. The managed property benefits a lot when you merge several crawled properties into one managed property.


    The difference between setting the column as index-able at the list level will mean that all other lists that have this column will not be indexed.

    To expand on Max's list I also recommend:

    • Index reset

    I have seen scenarios where following the steps Max outlined ends in the crawled property still not being created. I recommend manually creating the properties.

    You can create the managed property and crawled property in the search administration page or via powershell script using the following commands:

    $crawledproperty = New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataCrawledProperty -SearchApplication [search app] -Category [Category] -PropSet [Property set] -Name [Name] -IsNameEnum $false -VariantType [crawled property template varient type]
    $managedproperty = New-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -Name [ManagedPropertyName] -SearchApplication [searchapp] -Type [property type] -FullTextQueriable [$true or $false] -Queryable $true -Retrievable $true -EnabledForScoping $true -NameNormalized $false -Safe $true -NoWordBreaker [$true or $false] -Description [Description] -Refinable [$true or $false] -sortable [$true or $false] -HasMultipleValues [$true or $false]

    For more information see here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/sharepoint-server/new-spenterprisesearchmetadatacrawledproperty?view=sharepoint-ps

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