I've installed stand-alone SP2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2 - no problems during installation.

I set up a content type that inherits the 'Page' type and added some new content type fields.

I then added a new default layout page for the content type. I used Designer to add a couple of the new content type fields to the page, checked it in and approved it.

I set up a document library and specify the new content type for it.

I try to add. The initial form appears to accept the title, description and URL, and allows me to select my new page layout.

I then click 'Create' and it crashes. The message in the log is:

No XsltListViewWebPart was found on this page[/_layouts/CreatePage.aspx?

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Your custom content type can be used only in a Pages library (not a regular document library).

Error when creating new Article Page in a document library on SharePoint 2010

The Article Page content type is specifically designed for publishing and won't work in a regular document library. It can only be used in a Pages document library that is created when you turn on Publishing. The pages document library has specific extensions for page layout content types. Although it may have worked in SharePoint 2007 it shouldn't have and evidently the feature set in 2010 now makes it impossible.

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