I have created a SharePoint workflow in SP Designer 2010 for a automated email sending functionality when a list item is modified.

  1. I am able to send email with Send an Email action. But when I use Send Email Extended, I am not getting the email. I can add users in the Define Email Message dialogue box. But later if I open the action's property box, I'm seeing the RecipientTO and RecipientCC fields are showing "No Builder Specified". How can I input TO and CC address fields?

  2. If I want to add a BCC field how can I do that?

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To add a BCC field

  1. Since you are in SP Designer, first create an "SEND EMAIL" action.
  2. Once its configured, select the above action & click on ADVANCED PROPERTIES from RIBBON
  3. There you will have a BCC field, fill it up

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