It seems that if i create the following libraries on a Sharepoint site:

  • Test Library 2
  • Test Library2
  • TestLibrary2

then the ListData.svc will return the following entitites:

  • <collection href="TestLibrary2"> <atom:title>TestLibrary2</atom:title> </collection>
  • <collection href="TestLibrary20"> <atom:title>TestLibrary20</atom:title> </collection>
  • <collection href="TestLibrary21"> <atom:title>TestLibrary21</atom:title> </collection>

However, i can then go back and create a Test Library 20, which will be returned as <collection href="TestLibrary200"> <atom:title>TestLibrary200</atom:title> </collection>.

This annoyes me quite a bit, since i can not rely on the entities returned by the service, which means that i can not say what exactly is the name, title, basetemplate etc. of the list.

Is there any way to obtain any of this information using SP2010 REST API? (Yes, i know in 2013 the client.svc aka /_api/ is awesomely powerful, about as much as CSOM).

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