I have created a new publishing site in SharePoint Server 2013 and there are no Suite Links (Newsfeed, SkyDrive, Sites) in the Suite Links bar. Is there some feature I need to enable to get them to show up? I have googled the heck out of this and cannot find information about this allegedly OOB feature.

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In another forum someone has claimed I need to install a User Profile Service and even MySites in order to get this feature to appear. I hesitate to do this at the moment but when I do I'll mark this as the answer. Hopefully this helps someone with a similar question since apparently nobody else on StackExchange has this same issue.

Update - YES, installing and syncing the User Profile Service caused the Suite Links to start showing up.

  • I'll unmark later if it turns out not to be the answer.
    – Matt
    Jun 27, 2013 at 15:42

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