I create a new forms library in o365/SPO. I click new document and it opens InfoPath2013 and asks for

Select the form template to open this xml file

Where do I get this from?

Also if select New InfoPath 2013 is says Find a form

I see no design option, or save as. All the design features are grayed out.

I confirmed I am logged into o365 as my corporate user that is using ADFS.

From InfoPath 2013 if I select NEW I'm only offered Find a Form.

How do I create a new Infopath form or template? Where can I find templates?

It's an A2 Office 365 license and I have owner rights to the library.

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You must first have a template.

Apparently it works if you open Infopath and then select the SharePoint list data source and not the other way around.

  • Old post but where it says "select the form template to open this xml file" it also says "If you are working with a form library on a SharePoint site, close this dialog box, and then use InfoPath to publish a form template to the library.".
    – Peter
    Aug 12, 2013 at 3:39

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