I am facing this error when i am programatically delete record from sharepoint list. column is lookup column in another list and i have set cascade delete option enable in list. I am facing below error. Can any one give me solution to delete record programatically

Maximum number of items to delete has been reached. Please contact the Site Collection Administrator.

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try this

Open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and execute the following:

$site = spsite "URL"

Now we have to set the maximum number of items that can be checked in a Cascade or Restrict delete operation.

It is applicable to lists which have referential integrity enabled in them.

$site.WebApplication.CascadeDeleteMaximumItemLimit = [number of items]

By default the [number of items] = 1000

Here is a source post;

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    May 16, 2013 at 10:42

Try to change the CascadeDeleteMaximumItemLimit property. This controls the duration of a short-term Web site lock that is taken to perform referential integrity delete operations.

You can try this in powershell:

$site = spsite "http://[your site collection URL]"
$site.WebApplication.CascadeDeleteMaximumItemLimit = [# of items]

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