I have a list that contains a few columns of type Managed Metadata and want to upload a bunch of data (records) to the list. I understand that you can't do this within the Datasheet View of the list as the Managed Metadata fields are set to read only.

How can I achieve this? Out-Of-The-Box functionality? Custom Solution using Code? 3rd Party Tool? (if 3rd Party Tool, which ones could provide this functionality)

Any help on this would be much appreciated - we need to implement this functionality urgently.

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, there is no support for setting up metadata to multiple files at the time of uploading to SharePoint. However, you can use SharePoint 2010 Batch Edit for bulk updating managed metadata using the SharePoint ribbon.

In SharePoint 2013, the datasheet view functionality can even edit/update managed metadata columns. The purpose is enable the metadata modification functionality available when editing an individual item to datasheet editing.


I found this solution using MS Access- SharePoint this might be useful for someone - http://sharepointlogics.com/2014/07/how-to-import-excel-spreadsheet-to.html

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