I created a simple Custom List in WSS3. I also created a Document Library with an additional column field which is a lookup to the Custom List that I created before. Now when I am on the Custom List view I would like to retrieve, for each item of the list, all the linked documents. How can I achieve that?

FYI with SharePoint 2013 I achieved that with a Quick Step in the Custom List that creates a link button to the Document Library view with a certain query (using FilterField and FilterValue). Please keep in mind that I don't know if that solution is correct and I would like another simpler solution also because I can't find a way to create Quick Steps in WSS3.

EDIT: Just so you know I am looking for a solution INTEGRATED within SharePoint, I'd rather not code if possible.

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Use simple server object model to achieve this

you need to iterate each SPListitem and inside that call a function which will take item id as parameter and then query doc library to get desired items based on that

foreach(SPListitem item in list.items)
   lst.add( GetAllDocs(item.ID));

 public list<Documents> GetAllDocs(int id)
      //Query Doc lib here based on id USE CAML

  • Can you be a little bit more specific? Where do I have to put that code? I am very confident with C# but only with desktop/web applications, never coded with SharePoint. Also CAML is a way to query right?
    – raz3r
    Commented May 15, 2013 at 8:20

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