Using SharePoint 2010, how do I remove "New Site" from the Site Actions menu. I believe I can do this through permissions but would like to remove for all users (and replace with a custom action link).

Oddly, this is much more difficult than expected. I can apparently use HideCustomAction for some of the items but New Site seems to be a problem.


  • So I figured out that the Site Action options are in the master page for the site. I can also edit the master page to remove that menu option or change the click event for it. I would like to remove/hide or change this menu option through a feature however. Is this possible?
    – dave
    Commented Nov 4, 2010 at 17:46

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This was tough when I started doing it today. It is possible via feature using a CustomAction element in the elements.xml and some code. I tried a no-code solution but it was not possible.

        Title="Publishing SiteActions Menu Customization"
        ControlAssembly="Your Assembly full name"        ControlClass="your class full name">

Following code would go in class:

public class YourClassName : WebControl
        protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
            var siteActions = ToolBarMenuButton.GetMenuControl(this);
            siteActions.MenuControl.PreRender += (o, args) =>
                var targetMenu = siteActions.GetMenuItem("MenuItem_CreateSite");
                if (targetMenu == null) return;

The scope of your feature would be "site". Also, don't forget to put SafeControl entry for your class in the web.config or it may not work.

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