I have set up an InfoPath 2010 form with drop-down list answers that I changed to radio buttons. When a selection is made and submitted, the answer(ID) is sent to a SharePoint 2010 list.

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My question is how would I create a rule or formula to grade each question? For example if C is the correct answer, how would I create a way for question 1 to earn 1pt for the correct answer and then total the number of points (correct answers) at the end of the form for the overall grade?


Create another field in the list for the grade. In the InfoPath form, set the value of that field to "1" if answered correctly. Then create a view or a DVWP that aggregates the correct answers. If you want to show the total points in the IP form, you need to add a secondary data source to the same list, pull all the values for the current user and total them. Refresh the secondary data source after each question.

  • thanks teylyn. Do you know of a step by step procedure that could help me out? – sharepointaaron May 14 '13 at 14:07

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