We're currently creating a new public website, but can't really figure out if we need to go with a full onpremise / azure insatallation of SharePoint server 2013, or if we can simply use SharePoint online.

I found a comparison of the two here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/office365-sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/websites-in-sharepoint-online-and-sharepoint-server-HA102828142.aspx?redir=0

This states that a lot of features are not availible in SharePoint online, like variations and publishing templates. However I also found this link http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/office365-sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/about-publishing-enabled-site-templates-HA102802341.aspx that indicates publishing template is availible. So I'm a bit confused.

These are the features I need:

  • Variations
  • Custom ContentTypes
  • Managed metadata navigation
  • friendly urls

Am I able to build the site using SharePoint online?

Thanks for any help


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If you can live without variations, or make use of the Content Search Web Part, I'd go for SharePoint Online. CSWP does (by description) almost the same thing, but uses a different source: Search Index.

Variations, translations. Syncs content from a source location to other locations by audience (SharePoint Server Only)

Content types, columns, fields. Reusable collections of metadata for categories of items or documents. (SharePoint Server only)

Unless you make use of Cross Site Publishing and Content Search Web part:

Use cross-site collection publishing to publish content, use content types and site columns to structure content, provide secure access to parts of the site, offer English and Spanish views. (SharePoint Online)

Term-based navigation. Website navigation is based on SharePoint term sets

Friendly URLs are now applied to the web pages on the Public Website. For example, the Contact Us page might look like www.website.com/contact-us/

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