I have a site collection named "Faculty" and a subsite named "General".

For "General", I have multiple pages in that subsite. The content of the quick launch navigation for the subsite is based on a term set and can show up to 3 levels.
This is the structure of that term set:

Page 1
  Page 1-1
  Page 1-2
    Page 1-2-1
Page 2
  Page 2-1

When I click on "Page 1-2-1", it will have the following url in the browser:

And it will show up like this in the breadcrumb trail:
Faculty > General > Page 1-2-1

However, I want it to show up like this:
Faculty > General > Page 1 > Page 1-2 > Page 1-2-1

Could someone help me to achieve this?
Help and/or suggestions are appreciated!

Publishing features have been enabled and I'm working with SharePoint Server 2013. I use SharePoint Designer 2013 to make changes in the master page.)

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Solved it by setting the navigation to term driven navigation, this however created a new problem with the quick launch not showing the parent terms.

New solution! Please check the answer to this question.

  • how to solve this? any other soltions?
    – user21093
    Nov 28, 2013 at 9:52
  • I haven't found a solution yet, but I no longer need this so I just gave up searching. I suppose it could be done with C# though, but I didn't dig that one through.
    – Magali
    Nov 28, 2013 at 13:42
  • New answer! I have solved a different question I asked a while ago, but the solution is also applicable to this problem. Please see the link in my answer.
    – Magali
    Jan 23, 2014 at 14:43

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