How do I capture date and time when status of task is changed?

I have 3 different columns Date Assigned, Date In Progress, Date Completed.

When a task is assigned to a user, is there a way Date assigned column gets the date & time automatically? If yes, how do we do?

Similarly when user changes task to In Progress state, Date In Progress should get date & time & similarly when task is closed by user, Date Completed column should get the time-stamp, so that I can calculate time taken for each task and status in between.

I am using SharePoint 2010.

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Old question, but I thought I'd put what we do, since we do this a lot. We add a CEWP to the EditForm.js page with the requisite script references

var todayFormat = new Date().format('MM/dd/yyyy');
$("select[title='Task Status']").change(function() {
    switch($(this).val()) {
        case 'In Progress': {
            $('input[title="Date In Progress"]').val(todayFormat);
        case 'Needs Edits': {




For when a task is assigned, I do that through a Designer workflow. I add a LastAssignedTo field to the list, and mark it as a hidden field. Then, in workflow I can test to see if the assigned to field has changed.

if currentitem:assignedTo is not equal to currentitem:lastassignedto
     then set currentitem:assignedDate equal to Today
     then set currentitem:lastassigned equal to currentitem:assignedTo

You could also do your dates in a workflow as well instead of javascript - you'd need to add another hidden field to your list - LastStatus, for example, and do something like this to test whether the status field has changed:

if currentitem:taskStatus is not equal to currentitem:LastStatus
     if currentitem:taskStatus is equal to 'In Progress'
         set currentitem:DateInProgress equal to Today
     then set currentitem:laststatus equal to currentitem:taskstatus

You need a item event handler, something like this:

   public override void ItemUpdated(SPItemEventProperties properties)
      if(properties.BeforeProperties["Status"]!=properties.AfterProperties ["Status"]){
         properties.ListItem["Date In Progress"]=DateTime.Now;
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    Let's add some null checks to the Before and After properties too May 2, 2013 at 10:15

You can also achieve it using Out of Box Nintex Workflow. Just Add an App > Nintex Workflow.

Create new Variable of type Date/Time. Assign it value when created by configuring Set Workflow Variable. Assign that variable to any column of your list

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