My project is in SharePoint 2013 I have a site collection which has two sub sites other than the root site , suppose the name of the sub sites are x and y , I have to implement fba in this project , I have the following scenario If a user who have access read access on subsite x logs in to the root site he is redirected to the site x home page And same goes for the user who has the read access for subsite y , How can I achieve this , is it possible through out of the box functionality , or do I have to develop something through code (if yes please tell me about it )

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You will need to use a webpart to redirect users to different pages,

Here's a freeware webpart available for SharePoint 2010 but I am pretty sure it will work with SP 2013 too.

SharePoint 2010 User Redirect

If you want to do it yourself then follow this article,

Redirection options in SharePoint and then follow steps under "Redirect from Deep URL"

Here's a better version of webpart but not sure if it's free, however you can use it figure out what you need to develop your webpart.

Sneak Peek: User Redirect Web Part for SharePoint 2013

If you create your own UserControl then on page_load check userid and then redirect them using SPUtility.Redirect.

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