Is there a way to entirely disable client side validation of list forms? Specifically the date field validation which occurs before the form is ever submitted.

I have tried PreSaveAction() but not sure how to actually bypass the validations.


  • Why would you want to bypass the client side validations ? The data entered could be corrupted and would lead to inconsistant list data... Nov 2 '10 at 18:19

You could off-course override the Javascript functions which handle the client side validations. Another solution would be to disable Javascript.

I don't think you should do either one of them though. Validation is there for a reason. Perhaps changing the validation logic on a form (or creating your own) is a better solution here.

  • It is a custom form I am working on. Certainly do not want to disable javascript. Which functions would need to be overridden? Basically just looking for how to disable required field validation on date/time fields. Other solution would be to validate EVERYTHING on the client side, but I don't know where to start there either.
    – thomas
    Nov 3 '10 at 12:27

Move all your validation logic to PreSaveAction() and then check the condition on which you want to skip the validation and return true from the method.


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