I have a number of pages in Sharepoint - one for each country. I want my left hand column to be the same for each country (for global announcements), and the right hand column to be different for each country (for local announcements). I am using Sharepoint 2010.



It totally depends on what "pages" mean in this context. Possibilites are:

  1. Publishing pages - most likely you also have some columns enabling clasification of a Page as belonging to a Country. in this situation you could maybe rely on the regular Current Navigation to store links which shall be the same for all announcements. As for the right-hand navigation i would see maybe a simple Web Part which could rely on the "page filter" web part to read the Country value and pass as parameter to filter other web parts on the right-side, such as Data-View / XSLT List Views. The major question that remains is: What kind of information you want on Left/Right. One other alternative is to rely on Page Layouts to include a Right-Section with Summary links/Web-Part, plus the left-side quick launch (= current navigation) untouched.
  2. If you are using regular Wiki Pages or Web part pages, it shall be more of a manual operation as you don't get to use the contextual filter web part, but rather you would need to setup anything on the site manually.

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