We design KMS (Knowledge Management Systems) with SharePoint that everything is OK but we need to Display relations between entities,Documents and etc. in Web access.

ajax tree example javascript library for building tree-node hierarchy Publish Visio drawings to a SharePoint site Sample MindMap diagrams for SharePoint Taxonomies

my question about solutions: (please help me to deside better choice) or recommend ...



2-templates (HTML,JAVA,JSON, Webpart)

1-we can design and develop lists and UIs for data entry the get information from users , but we don't know that Did have Visio services capacities for use that to update visualize webpart? Is there any way to create/update Visio documents by programming?

2-Is there any webpart or HTML or Java or another templates that we generate that codes with programming in that web part?or is this hard to show JSONs in SharePoint Webparts?

  1. There is a javascript API for Visio but it does not allow you to insert new objects. Not sure about a real code solution.
  2. JSON can certainly be used. Even without real code, I usually create a script which I can either insert directly into a page or link via a Content Editor web part.

The main limitation I have experienced with Visio is the size of the file quickly increases if you have a lot of objects.

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