I am in process of migrating our WSS 3.0 installation to 2013 and I am at the point where I need to break the single site collection down into more manageable sizes and I have a script that categorizes our sites into our different business areas. This works great. BUT, when I execute the command to create a new site collection, I am required to specify an owner. So, I put my login as the owner. Now, I am also exporting the existing sites and importing them into the new collections and including security.

The problem I am having is that the owner (me) is listed separately under security for each site and site collection when all I want is the existing security to remain after the import of a site. I created a script that would locate a user throughout a site collection and remove them but it will not allow me to remove the owner of a web site collection. My end goal is to have myself in a group and not as an individual user for the sites. Does anyone know how to do that?


I am guessing you are trying to remove yourself as yourself? A script or a manual removal ran as a server administrator or another Site Collection Administrator should be able to accomplish this.

The script itself will be very basic.

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