If I were to re-install SharePoint Server 2007 out of the box - What is the update process to get to SP2 Cumulative Update April 2011?

  • Can I simply install the WSS and MOSS CU files or do I need to install SP2 first?
  • And if so does SP2 have any pre-requisites?
  • Will I need to install the infrastructure updates as well?
  • Does WSS or MOSS get installed first?

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I think you are looking for this Microsoft article as it is almost precisely your question though uses the Oct update instead of April. Basically the same steps though.

The article is very detailed but the essential steps are:

On all servers:

  • Install Moss
  • Install WSS SP2
  • Install MOSS SP2
  • Install WSS CU
  • Install MOSS CU

After all bits are installed on all servers, run the configuration wizard on each server.

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