I am reading about SharePoint 2013, but I got confused on what are the major differences when building the following in respect to the URL that will be produced:-

  1. Site

  2. Site Collection

  3. Sub sites

Now when I want to create new site collection I have to specify its URL, which will be constructed as follow:-

Hostname + Drop down list + [text to enter]

If I can create new site collection I have to show from a drop down list so this means that site collection should exists below a site? And when building a sub site instead of a site collection what the URL will be? BR

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First of all you will create a web application with URL looking like this, (HostName as referenced by yourself)

portal.companyName.com //we call it host header, this URL looks like a intranet
www.companyName.com //if its going to be a public site

Then you create Managed paths, which you referenced as Drop Down List in your question.

I just found this picture will help you understand better,

enter image description here

Managed paths, well, manages the paths. That might sound a bit funny, but it’s true. Within SharePoint, you cannot create a site collection just anywhere you want. You have to attach a site collection to a managed path.

The biggest benefit of doing this is that it helps keep SharePoint manageable from the user’s perspective. You don’t want site collections to be created haphazardly. There should be some logic applied to the structure. In highly structured environments, a SharePoint steering committee can specify the managed paths that should be used. Policies then prohibit the addition of new managed paths without committee approval.

When administrators create new site collections, they are unable to create them outside of where the managed paths define.


I have to show from a drop down list so this means that site collection should exists below a site?

You need to create a managed path for the site collection, however you can create a root site collection though, e.g. in above picture you can create your site collection at HTTP://SharePoint.contoso.com/clients

Explicit Inclusion:

When we are not planning to create further site collections under a specified managed path, then we use this option. Explicit Inclusion Managed paths allows in creation of only one site collection at the exact given URL. In our case fahadexplicit would be the only site collection that can be created. SharePoint will allow creating only one site collection within this Managed Path.

The URL would be: http://servername:port/fahadexplicit

Wildcard Inclusion:

When we want to create more than one site collection under a specific managed path, we use this option. Wildcard Inclusion Managed Paths allow unlimited site collection to be created under a given URL. In our case under fahadwildcard, we can create any number of site collections.

The URL of these site collections would be as below:



  • thanks for the reply. YOU SAID "In above picture you can create your site collection at HTTP://SharePoint.contoso.com/clients". But as i understand it; i can only define a site collection on the root of a managed path Only if i create an explicit managed path ? am i right?
    – John Peter
    Apr 25, 2013 at 9:22
  • 1
    yes, with explicit managed path, you can only have 1 site collection. check updated answer. Apr 25, 2013 at 9:34

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