I have the following constelation.
1. Sharepoint Site called "site1" on Port 80
1. SharePoint Site called "SharePoint Site X" on Port 95

The E-Mail receiving feature (to send documents to lists) works perfectly on the site on port 80. It get the documents an save them into the correct list. So the incomming e-mail is right configured I think.

But the receiving emails doesn't work on "SharePoint Site X".

The Windows Firewall is turned off. The domain is already the same. So I have the same domain for the email Adress like "[listname]@customer.com".

What can be the Problem? Is the problem the other Port? Can I resolve it with another way instead of moving the site as subsite from "site1"? Thx for the help :)


There yre two ways for the solution

  1. Update to the Latest CU or at least June CU 2012.

  2. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Configure quotas and locks > on the Site Quota Information section > set a limit (i.e: 5000 MB) on this setting: “Limit site storage to a maximum of:” > and then press “OK”.

After that it works for me.

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