I'm performing an inventory and I need to get list of sharepoint solutions (*.wsp) deployed to every individual web-application and ideally, it would also be great to list what Application pool on what web-server this web-application belongs to?

Something like this >>

solution-name.wsp / web-application-name / application-pool-name

I've tried using Get-SPSolution, but output doesn't contain web-app name & Get-SPWebApplication doesn't give the list of .wsp for each web-app listed.

stsadm -o enumsolutions seems to contain info I need, but don't know how to change output format to something similar mentioned above.

This is MS SharePoint Server 2010 running on W2K8R2 STD.

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First, get all your web applications and iterate through them. While in the loop print web application name and application pool name. Last, iterate all solutions and print their names - like this:

$contentWebAppServices = (Get-SPFarm).services |
 ? {$_.typename -eq "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application"}

foreach($webApp in $contentWebAppServices.WebApplications)
    Write-Host "Web Application  : " $webApp.name
    Write-Host "Application Pool : " $webApp.ApplicationPool.Name

    Get-SPSolution | ForEach-Object {
        if ($_.LastOperationDetails.IndexOf($webApp.url) -gt 0) 
            Write-Host "    Solutions:"
            Write-Host "   " $_.DisplayName

The output looks like this:

Web Application  :  SharePoint - 1337
Application Pool :  SharePoint - 1337
Web Application  :  SharePoint - 80
Application Pool :  SharePoint - 80

The first web application (SharePoint - 1337) doesn't have deployed solutions, but the second (SharePoint - 80) has one.

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    Perfect, I think this is what I need. Commented Apr 10, 2013 at 14:32

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