I have a publishing site with multi language support. The site uses its own main menu (navigation) with custom CSS. It is currently displaying static text like Home, About Us, Contact Us e.t.c. I want to display pages that I create in SharePoint in this navigation. How do I do that?

Is there some property available for e.g. <SharePoint:Navigation> which I can than customize according to my CSS?

Please note I want this navigation in Master Page.

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If by "multilanguage support" you mean variations - than for each variation (aka label, sub-site per language) links you update via Settings > Navigation would require translation.

Beyond that, you should be able to update the Global Navigation direclty in the master page - by default this is using a ASP:MENU control tied up to a Navigation provider (short excerpt here bellow), main CSS classes (http://erikswenson.blogspot.ch/2011/02/sharepoint-2010-navigation-drop-down.html):

             DataSourceID="topSiteMap" />

Examples of how to style it could be found:

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