I have this lookup field which is coupled to a customlist of artists. I use this lookup field as a column for another list. So when someone creates a listitem in this second list he or she can choose one item of the previousely mentioned artistlist in the form of a lookup. Well, after a while this artist list will get bigger and bigger. So when there are 500 artists our customer has to scroll through an anoyingly hugh list. Is it possible to add a search function to the newitem page to search in this lookup list?
Greets Fabian

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If you are using SharePoint Server, the best way to handle this feature is to move away from lookup fields and use a managed meta-data field with an associated termset. The termset will provide a type-ahead feature, but also a lot more capabilities around managing the list long term versus a linked list and lookup field.

You can likely pre-populate all of the existing values using a PowerShell script helping with the transition from the old to the new field so that it doesn't have to be manual if you have thousands of records.

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