I found strange SharePoint behavior.

I have document library "LibraryTest" with folder "FolderTest". User "UserTest" has Contribute permissions for library.

Scenario 1 (As UserTest):

  • Folder "FolderTest" empty
  • Rename folder "FolderTest" - OK

After that SystemAccount (for example) uploads new document "TestDoc.docx" to "FolderTest"

Scenario 2 (As UserTest):

  • Has Contribute permissions for document "TestDoc.docx"
  • Rename folder "FolderTest" - OK

Scenario 3 (As UserTest):

  • Has Read permissions for document "TestDoc.docx" (SystemAccount broke role inheritance for document "TestDoc.docx" and provided Read permissions for UserTest)
  • Rename folder "FolderTest" - Access Denied

Any ideas? By design?



  • so I'm having the same issue. I'm using SharePoint 2010. I have a folder with documents inside. When I attempt to change the folder name I get "Access Denied" with a Correlation ID:. I'm the SharePoint Admin for the whole document library. Can you not change the folder name if it has documents within?
    – user42117
    Commented May 6, 2015 at 19:37

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I think Sharepoint code does something like this:

  1. Creates new folder
  2. Moves files from old folder (checking permissions like 'Create' or 'Add');
  3. And deletes old folder.

So, in that case your user (with 'Read' permission level) doesn't have enough privileges.


We just have come across this too in SharePoint 2013. Basically all the content of such folder includes a path, which gets modified when renaming the folder. Thus, you need to have enough permissions to ALL content in the folder being renamed. No other OOB solution/workaround for this AFAIK, only code (rename the folder running elevated privileges).

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